Our Senior Trainers: 

Sainbayar Tserendorj, FST, IA

Sainbayar is a multi-facet personality when it comes to chess. Last 8 years, He has groomed lot of juniors who have continued to become the strongest Juniors in England. Sainbayar was became a FIDE Instructor in 2011 and FIDE Senior Trainer in 2015.

He has taken teams to various championship as official coach of English Team. Few of his students like Akshaya has played in the Women’s Olympiad team.

He has also served as tournament director in many international championship and arbiter in Olympiad. He is serving as a President of Mongolian Chess Federation, and Secretary of FIDE Chess in schools Commission.


IM Mike Basman, the Creator of the Delancey UK Chess Challenge.

Advisors and Consultants: 

FIDE Trainers Commission

GM Mikhail Adrian FST, Chairman, FIDE Trainers Commission

and GM Grivas Efstratios FST, Secretary, FIDE Trainers Commission

Intermediate Trainers:

Anuurai, Sainbayar, FI, NI

Qualified to be a National Chess Trainer, during Thailand World Individual Schools Chess Championship 2015 as a National Chess Instructor and continues to become the FIDE Instructor during the World Youth Chess Championship, Greece during Halkidiki in 2015.

We do work with a system of consultants specific to the requirements identified during the establishment of the training plan.

Our Past Consultants:

Profiles to be shortly updated.

Beginners and Foundation:

Amu, Sainbayar

An excellent chess coach, who motivate school children playing chess to study chess seriously. She delivers the foundation for the early talent identification and development programme.