Fun(d) Raising

Isn’t Fun(D) raising with Chess! UKCA will promote chess for social cause! Special Chess Events support local  Fund-Raising cause through chess. Special Chess Events and Fund-Raising: – Intangible Heritage Promotion - Launch of few international Partnership … Continue Reading →

Our Events 2017 (NEW)

In additional to participating in Official Events. UKCA is set to launch a set of tournaments (both in South and North) to facilitate practice tournament for various format.  In addition, … Continue Reading →

Launch of Guinness Problem Solving 2016

Tutorial Session: Please check the Presentation: Solution Entering Mechism:  Use the token for Uk Chess Academy: 24 46 05        

UKCA Solving Chess Challenge Moving to attempt a new Guinness Record! (Newcastle, Nov 20, 2016)

With the Overwhelming support and experience of the Children getting into Solving Chess Challenge with the Giga and Tera-finals. For the first edition: We had more than 250 entrants, with more … Continue Reading →

Welcome to Solving Challenge 2016 – Online

Welcome to Inaugural Edition of Solving Chess Challenge 2016 Qualify to Silver Plates (North and South 2016) Continue to Register here for Online Solving Challenge Regulation and Schedule News and … Continue Reading →

Problem Solving Contest adds a New Flavour to Delancey Challenges!!

Wow! Another Hectic Day at the Giga-finals. We had 7 out of 13 possible Ultimo/ Ultimas at our problem Solving Contest and 32 children who had attended and 21 parents who … Continue Reading →

Solving Challenge: Solver’s Page now Launched!! with New!! Updates!!

Dear Parents! Thank you all for all the Support for the Solving Challenge 2016!!  The Edition at Giga-finals – North, brought so many suggestions from the Parents, and concerns that they … Continue Reading →

The Updated Practice Problems Sets – For Online Solvers,

Launch of the Problem Set – for the Silver plate Qualifiers! Look through this Sample Set of Problem Set: Try to work them out, Email us with your Working and … Continue Reading →

UK Solving Challenge Giga-Finals!

Thanks for the overwhelming Support During the Giga-Finals North for the first ever edition of problem solving contest… We had a lot of positive feedback of this event. Mike Basman, … Continue Reading →

Problems getting Generated by Chessthetica!!! Please find a human composed one.. Computer composed to test you tomorrow

Tomorrow, We are launching the count down for the Problem Solving Contest, with the first set of problems Composed by our Chessthetica getting ready, as we compose this post!! Sunday, … Continue Reading →