Our first and perhaps the Youngest entry for Giga South


First entry received from the Boys, for Giga South and Giga North.

Daniel Shek, impressed us as he was regular to the information desk At Weyvalley team selection tournament held on  19th June and attempted all the problems. He is officially our first entry to the problem solving contest.

His most favourite problem is given to you as a sample exercise. White to play and Win with the most deadly move… This will be the top problem for U7-U10s. (Easy)

Daniel Shek, Our Star Solver! and first Entry to UKCA's Solving Challenge

Daniel Shek, A emerging Star! and First Ever Entry to UKCA’s Solving Challenge 2016 at Giga Final South

We are getting lot of response and Questions. Shortly, we will launch the online challenge and sample Problem sets.

Please visit website for updates on how you can practice and win the Grand Challenge.