F.A.Q and problem set launch

We are receiving unprecedented number of emails and calls on this UKCA Problem Solving chess challenge 2016.

Thanks for this overwhelming response. Please enter your children into the challenge we need to print the problem sets appropriately.

Jul 1, 2016. We will make the practice problem set available. Based on your Megafinals category and score your first rounds of problem will change and then you will be given the standard problems.

Remember, full attempt of a problem set will give 50% credit equivalent to 0.5 score. Any score of 50% or more will give 1 point equivalent experience.

Maximum number of positions scored will be the eligibility, while your score will be the indicator of progress.

We are developing over 10 different problem sets (720 positions) for this challenge which is tested rigorously for enjoyment. Daniel Shek’s favourite problem (see earlier post)attracted 15 parents and 25 children on the problem solving day.