UK Solving Challenge Giga-Finals!

Thanks for the overwhelming Support During the Giga-Finals North for the first ever edition of problem solving contest…

We had a lot of positive feedback of this event. Mike Basman, was very happy indeed to launch this unique competition to give an extra boost to your Giga-finals points to enable qualification to the Silver-Plate events.

Children’s Reaction:

The Young Solvers were very enthusiastic…  tough with us, collaborative, and very ethical in their approach, and allowed other children to solve the problems, while they whispered the solution in our ears.

Few even accidentally were close to missing their rounds.


We had one winner who, solved the most problem, on the Saturday.

Parent’s Suggestion:

Parents were excited as children brought their parents inside to allow them to enter the competition.

One thing was certain: Children learned to relax through problem solving and  it was extremely disciplined event! U7/U9 thoroughly enjoyed themselves!!

What’s More:!!! All these Children Now, feed into the Online Challenge, where 6 Problem Sets that were meant to be done, will be given for the children. Each Problem Set, is worth 1 Point, for those who did not play the Giga-finals, and 0.5 addition to the scores for those who played the Giga-Finals.

We all know, reaching 3.5 means Qualification to the Silver Plate Event!!!

The sample Problem sets, you all enjoyed at the Giga Finals, can be found in Downloads shortly!

You can also view these additional Problems: Click here


Keep watching,  The First Problem Sets go Live this evening!!  and you will receive an email too from the organisers.