Solving Challenge: Solver’s Page now Launched!! with New!! Updates!!

Dear Parents!

Thank you all for all the Support for the Solving Challenge 2016!! 

The Edition at Giga-finals – North, brought so many suggestions from the Parents, and concerns that they were all missing something wonderfully exciting…

We have listened every suggestion, constantly improving the Solving Challenge. Surprisingly, the Challenge is ongoing for all of them, including the Megafinalist.

As we all realise this is a two-stage process, which  runs in parallel to the main event. We are best trying to complementing it in all respects to help your child to focus in Giga-finals.

Your children can engage in the following ways,

1 Learn about Problem Solving through 5-min (or even instant) coaching techniques – Please come down to the Desk for group Session! (Sessions are Free, last only 5 mins max.)

2. Understand how to approach “chess problem solving” and attempt to Solve the Problem, during the time available in between the rounds. You can win the Day’s Top Solver’s Prize through the (Best Progress, you had in total).

Parents Please feel free to help your children, (it is not a test of ability, but it is  a test for understanding),Problem tougher as they go, but if they understand, the time they take to solve the next problem drastically keep reducing. 5-min Solving sessions will give you more insights into Problem solving.

3. If you wish to Take it Slowly, then your can learn to Solve the Problems with the clear aim to focus on Qualifying to Tera-finals Solving Challenge.  Turn in your Solutions, in partial and get the feedback on your solving ability. We will register to online Challengers. Top 20 children in each category from Online Challenge will be included to Tera-finals challenges.

4. For Each Problem Set attempted during the Giga-finals,You will have an equivalent of 1 point. This will be added to your final Giga-Finals score, to help you get the 3.5.  Children who get 3.5 and more, automatically qualify for the tera-finals Solving Challenge. Top 20 solvers in each category, from the Online Solving Competitions and Automatic Tera-finalists, will join them.

5. All Ultimo/Ultima Qualify to Solving Challenges! Automatically.

Still you have not managed to get it, take the Online Solving Challenge, which starts, as soon as your Giga-finals is over. You can always request us new problem set, if you have amazingly solved everything….

Chess Study has amazing Problem Compositions and Solving exercises!! (It is a fascinating World to Discover!!)