Problem Solving Contest adds a New Flavour to Delancey Challenges!!

Wow! Another Hectic Day at the Giga-finals.

We had 7 out of 13 possible Ultimo/ Ultimas at our problem Solving Contest and 32 children who had attended and 21 parents who is starting to work on the ProblemSets back home”.

We are yet to give the Best Day prize! IM Mike Basman had agreed to award this to the best solver for online programme. So the DGT Starter Box is still intact for anyone to win. Select your 30 Problems and give us – the solution. 

As promised, Our Top 3 children so far: (They are yet to complete the set 30 problems though, but they are heading there definitely…)

1.Boris  Stoyamov –  U8 Berkshire

2. Shahjahon Saidmurdov – U10 Berkshire

3. Daniel Shek -U7 Hampshire

Good Luck for you to win the Solving Challenge…

The Solving Challenge is still on, If you did not have chance/ time to register and just register online by paying £5/- top get into the Online Challenge for the  Giga-finals North. The Problem Solving goes till Aug 10, 2016

(Click Here to Register)