Solving – GIGAs (Launched)

Welcome to the Solving Chess Challenge 2016.

1. Register your self, online by paying the Entry Fee of £5/-.

2. Look into the Problem Sets Choice, and Select your training problem Set that want to do first.

3. Visit the Information Desk for your a free, 10 mins coaching and orientation session on Problem Solving.

4. Solve the problems and take the feedback from our trainers. You could do this during your free-time, as soon after your game is over.

5. If you solve 15 problems out of your potential 30 problems. Then you are eligible for the day’s prize!

Problems are available here

However, you dont have to rush at solving these problems. You will automatically be enrolled into the Online-Solving Chess Challenge.

6. Use your best time of the holidays after your Giga Finals, to study these problem sets, and improve your combinative chess vision to compete for the Terafinals 2016.

7. Now you are officially, inside the Online-Giga-Solving Challenge 2016 (Now North and South Players are into a Single talent pool)

8. Write what you studied with all the positions. We always welcome a detailed annotation of the solutions.  We will send out feedback for all participants.  Children who need more Qualification points for Silver-plates will be given more inputs to work on more problem solving.

Email everything to us! The best chess annotation will be used for tie-breaker.

9. Top 20 Children in each category will be selected for Tera-finals Problem Solving Challenge and will be notified by Email.

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