Welcome to Solving Challenge 2016

A New Launch in 2016!

This year, UKCA is set to lauch a 2 Stage Problem Solving Chess Challenge in the same character of UK Chess Challenge.

The Problem Solving Context will run alongside of the both the Giga-finals tournament and in-between the rounds, complementing the Main event (you can participate in both without losing focus) and then integrate into a Online Solvers Pool.  ”Top 20 solvers” from each category from the “Online Solving Challenger pool” will further invited during the Tera-finals, Loughbrough, for the Solving Tera-finals Challenge this August!.

Ultimate winner of the Tera-finals contest will get a DGT Board.

Further, all successful problem solvers will secure automatic qualification to the Silver Plates event, regardless of the points they score in the Giga-finals, for their now, proven ability to enjoy the combinative play.

Remember, the Silver plate event is the UKCA’s event to spot good talent who can be nurtured to play in forth coming International events, like the World Individual School’s Championship – Socchi, Russia, World Cadet Chess Championship – Batumi, Georgia and World Youth Chess Championship – Khanty-Mansyk, Russia.


All invited Giga finals participants are automatically eligible for solving the problem sets. Online Challenge is open for General pool. All are welcome to the Information Desk to understand and experiencing the Problem Solving


Just £5/- (Payable by BACS payments to UK Chess Academy)

Account Name: “UK Chess Academy” (Barclay’s Bank):

Account No: 23439860 Sort Code: 20-42- 73

Payment Ref: PSC-North / PSC-South / PSC-Online/ PSC -Members

or by Online Paypal (presently disabled)


Our Top Prize – DGT Boards

We will have a category prize for each category from Under 7 onwards.

And Many more Vouchers and Consolationprizes to be won (based on the number of entries.)


Automatic Qualification to Plate Events regardless of Giga finals points

Silver plates will be held in first and second Week of September. (For details refer to UKCA website)

Traditionally, Players getting 3.5 and over are invited to play into Silver Plate Event competitions as well.

The Silver plate event is your Gateway to demonstrate to UKCA, the disciplined will for International Tournament, and conscious choice of the international tournament.

Finally, a sound exposure to Problem solving is good orientation to playing stronger tournaments.

> Problem Set for problem solving competition [Click Here]
> More details about Silver plate event [Click Here]