The UK Chess Academy is honoured to invite you to the very first London Chess Festival, in support of the International School Chess Union. 

The Festival will take place from August 21st to August 25th 2013.

At Sports centre, Hinchley Wood Senior School, Claygate Lane, Hinchley Wood, Surrey KT10 0AQ

 Players of all standards and of all ages are welcome to take part in this celebration of chess, which spans 5 days of late summer!

Day1: Wednesday 21st August 2013

Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge

Unique Promotional Event

Day 2: Thursday 22nd August 2013

First Ever Junior U5/U6/U7 Championship

Junior Rapidplay

Day 3: Friday 23rd August 2013

FIDE OPEN; U2100; U1800; U110 ECF

3 and 2 day events

£5000 Prize Money

Day 4: Saturday 24th August 2013

FIDE OPEN; U2100; U1800; U110 ECF

Day 5: Sunday 25th August 2013

FIDE OPEN (Last Round)


Plus; Evening events, Master simuls, Grand master coaching

                                     Schedule TBC